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Takahashi is the first Japanese male figure skater to medal at the Olympic Winter Games (bronze in 2010), to win the World Championships (in 2010) and the ISU Grand Prix Final (Dec 2012). He missed the entire 2008/09 season after tearing ligaments in his right knee in October 2008. He was back on the ice in April 2009. Takahashi's idols in skating were Olympic Champions Alexei Yagudin, Evgeni Plushenko and Japan's Takeshi Honda. Takahashi moved to Osaka in 2004 to attend university. Meanwhile, the university has built a new ice rink where Takahashi and other elite skaters train. He has three older brothers, but they are not involved in sports. Coach Takeshi Honda is the 2002 and 2003 World bronze medalist.


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